A graduate of ACAD, Nadine brings design sensibility to a place where it’s usually not expected. This sensibility, coupled with her print knowledge, makes her quite simply the perfect printing storm. Among other things, she’s in charge of the pre-press department ensuring that every job is “prepped” in a way that makes it perfectly ready to print.

As production manager, Gerda has daily oversight of every project. Acting more like a conductor than a manager, her approach is one that is focused on one thing: perfection. Ensuring quality, coordinating with staff and suppliers, following every job, checking the details, demanding perfection, adhering to timelines... simply put: nothing gets by Gerda. In a good way.

A true Swiss craftsman, Urs epitomizes the pressroom atmosphere at Kallen. With years of experience “on press,” he has a scientific approach to planning, envisioning and executing every project that comes through our shop. Anticipating challenges, devising solutions, and demanding perfection... Urs has one goal: to make every project a success.