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These days, being environmentally and socially responsible is simply an expectation. We recognize the need to balance your project with its environmental impact. We’re constantly staying on top of trends and techniques that we can bring to you to help educate and, in turn, implement greener ideas.

To that end, we’ll work with you to choose the best processes: the right paper for your project (recycled, post-consumer content, sustainably sourced), efficient use of the press sheet, right down to the amount we can fit in a box to reduce shipping costs and lower energy use, so you will be left with a piece we can all feel good about.

And we don’t stop there... We’re shining that same green light on ourselves to see where we can reduce waste and lessen our own impact.

“ For years, the printing industry has been on the forefront of sustainability. The development of more environmentally friendly inks, printing presses that last for years, and the fact that paper’s primary raw materials are renewable. In contrast, electronic devices are much more complex and expensive to recycle, recover and reuse due to the toxic nature of many of their components.”