Kraft Stationery

Check out this simple, fun stationery package we recently produced at Kallen Print. 

We loved the wine stain design which tied in perfectly with the 

Kraft (grocery bag) paper! Offset printing was used so the ink soaks in to the paper fibers, as would real wine! Or so we've heard... as Swiss, we would never spill our wine!

Designer: Jordan Allen,

It's here...

With 2012 just around the corner, we're busy delivering our limited edition 2012 "Kallendar" to Kallen Printing clients and friends.

This year's edition features the photography of Urs Kallen, and one stunning glacier photo from our friend and client Ruedi Beglinger. 

Each month was printed in CMYK + 1 PMS and 1 Metallic ink, and then dull and gloss varnished. Phew!