Vault Photo Mag

The premiere edition of Vault Photo Mag is complete… Featuring luscious imagery from international photographers and a few of our own talented locals: Jeremy Fokkens, Jeff Cruz, George Webber and Dan Bannister.

This beautiful photographic journal features coated, uncoated and cream paper. It also has an unusual angle cut cover printed on Classic Crest "Stipple" and a clear mylar cover sheet.

Publisher: Kurtis Martyn, Creative Director: Kelly Hartman, Printing: Kallen Printing. Available for purchase online or at Shelf Life Books.

Art Catalogue wins uVU Award!

Congratulations to our client Hartman Design Studio for their award winning work on the Garry Newton retrospective book, produced by Kallen Printing. The UVU award, presented by Unisource, recognizes design and print excellence across Canada.

A limited edition set of books – like a set of prints — were hand-numbered. A toothy printmaking-style of paper was chosen for the pages; a cream stock for the reproductions and white for the text. Fold out sections appear through 

out the book. To support the details in typography, a traditional word processor font was designed for titles and captions.

uVu 2013 Catalogue- pg. 50 - uVU 2015 Winner!