Random Acts of Photography

When Roth and Ramberg came to Kallen Printing to produce their 2016 notepad calendar "Random Acts of Photography",  it was time to put on our thinking caps! 

The entire project required innovation — from the custom-made base, to collating over 365 pages to creating the colour matched glue.

Watch behind the scenes footage of how these were made: 

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Anvil 2016 Winner!

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Meet our folding buddy

We recently had the pleasure of attending a seminar with folding guru Trish Witkowksi from We love her enthusiasm about unique printed pieces and agree with her sentiment, "Why print a Yawn when you can print a Wow"! Trish graciously featured Kallen Printing in two of her recent videos. Thanks Trish!

FOLD of the WEEK #134: Tri-fold with Surprise Lift-up Panels

January 25th, 2012

I was in Calgary last week for International Print Week and one of my workshop attendees, Kallen Printing (longtime foldfactory fans), brought me a huge box filled with gorgeous print samples. It was hard to pick one to feature this week - but I did it! This piece was part of a larger bound piece, and it was in a pocket at the back. The format is so smart and functional as well as beautiful in its application. It’s a great use of a tri-fold format and short folding to create reveal panels and an organized presentation of the content. You’re gonna love it, eh?

FOLD of the WEEK #137: Brochure with Tucking Tear-off Closing Mechanism

February 15th, 2012

This week’s fold is a companion piece to #134 from a few weeks ago – the tri-fold with surprise lift-up panels. It’s a four-pager with a die-cut tab that tucks into the cover. The tab is perfed and serves a very practical purpose as a tear-off keepsake with important contact information on it. Sent to us by Kallen Printing of Calgary and designed byDecember 2nd, this piece was part of a larger marketing package and I just thought it was one of those great, simple and practical ideas that can offer a lot of value. I hope you like it.