Random Acts of Photography

When Roth and Ramberg came to Kallen Printing to produce their 2016 notepad calendar "Random Acts of Photography",  it was time to put on our thinking caps! 

The entire project required innovation — from the custom-made base, to collating over 365 pages to creating the colour matched glue.

Watch behind the scenes footage of how these were made: 

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Anvil 2016 Winner!

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Roth and Ramberg Blog


Ok, with a name like Kallen, we are big fans of "Kallendars"! We love them for the beautiful, inspiring photographs that you get to look at each month. ...but don't let us catch you writing on them, or you won't make our list for next year! 

Around here, its always a race to see who gets to flip to the next page when a new month rolls around.

Here are some highlights from a few 2013 calendars that Kallen Printing produced this year. Enjoy!

- Kallen Printing Kallendar

- Lignum Interiors calendar

- CMH calendar

- Roth and Ramberg calendar

Kallen Print goes in search of Nessie...

Well actually, our clients Roth & Ramberg did! These talented photographers take an annual trip to shoot photos for their desk calendar self-promotion piece. This year the destination was Scotland. 

This gorgeous desk calendar features beautiful photography and stories of their journey in search of the loch ness monster…